Sandeep Danteliya

સત્ય(Truth), કર્તવ્ય(Duty), સન્માન(Honour).


I am a confident, articulate, and multi-faceted Person. I am well-respected by the Voters in my Village and beyond. Furthermore, I wanted to get into politics since I was a teenager in college because I Love Being heard and makes a difference. My passion for social justice, making a tangible difference in the community, and resolving people’s problems make me the ideal candidate for a demanding position in politics.


Graduation in Mechanical Engineering From Ahmedabad Institute of Technology(2016)

Work Experience

Working as a Full-Time Blogger in Be Expensive Website and Editor in “The Ahmedabad Post“. Currently, at the Position of Administrator of Be Expensive.


Presentation skills: Adept at delivering effective and engaging talks and presentations to a broad range of audiences

People skills: I thrive in situations where I can meet people, have informal conversations and offer my assistance to them

Excellent memory: Ability to remember intricate details without having to refer to notes

Languages which I Know

Gujarati and Hindi with full professional proficiency and English at Professional working Proficiency.